India vs Pakistan: Fans Captured Cheering at ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Cricket fans will be disappointed with the proposed India-Pakistan series looking less likely to be played in December.Reuters

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have done everything in their power to convince the BCCI to go ahead with the India-Pakistan cricket series in December, but to no avail. The PCB seem to have finally given up on requesting the cash-rich cricket board for agreeing to play the mega series in December.

Though fans across both sides of the border were initially excited with the prospect of a mega clash between India and Pakistan, the series has hit a major roadblock due to the political tensions between the two countries.

PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan has left it to the BCCI to decide the fate of the series, which is increasingly looking less likely to be held as scheduled.

"I think we have said enough about the series and we are not going to ask them anymore. The ball is in their court now and they now have to decide and inform us about the fate of the series," PTI quoted Shaharyar Khan as saying.

PCB's desire to host the Indian team is a known fact with the board having written a letter to the BCCI as well. But, the PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan is not too optimistic, considering the matter has not even been discussed with the Indian government.

Even if the BCCI agree to the wishes of Pakistan over a bilateral series, the board will require permission from the Indian government.

"I don't want to say anything more on the series. But what is causing us concern is that from what we know the letter we sent to the Indian board about the series has not gone to their government as yet," added Khan.

Time and again, the PCB have been asking the BCCI to keep up their terms as per the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two cricket boards.

BCCI and PCB had agreed to play six series' in a period of eight years, which includes the proposed series in December. The ICC are well aware of the MoU, and the PCB could approach the world cricket body if the series' doors are closed by India.

"The series is part of a proper MOU signed between the two boards and we will pursue this matter if required," he added.

If the India-Pakistan series is officially cancelled, the men in green might be forced to play Zimbabwe once again as they are the only cricket nation free during December. Though they would have wanted to face Bangladesh, their neighbours are also going to be busy with the Bangladesh Premier League during the time.

"One is Zimbabwe whom we have already played twice this year and the other is Bangladesh who will be busy in their premier league. But we are looking at other options as well," added Khan.