The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) are desperate to host India in a series in December as they have been taking various measures, which includes a recent letter to the BCCI, to ensure the bilateral series takes shape.

The BCCI have made it clear that the series will not bear fruit unless the political situation between the two countries improve. The Gurdaspur terror attack in July has only deteriorated the situation as far as the chances of an Indo-Pak series are concerned. Post the terror attack, BCCI officials started voicing their opinions regarding the fate of the bilateral series, with almost every one of them being on the negative.

Despite BCCI's clear stance, the PCB have been pressing for the series to go ahead, considering the vast fortunes on offer. Pakistan have been asking the BCCI to fulfil their Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two cricket boards during an ICC meet. As per the agreement, the two nations were to be involved in six series in the next eight years.

Former cricketer Javed Miandad wants their board to put a stop to it. Miandad feels that a bilateral series between the countries is going to be good news, but he does not want the PCB to lose their self-respect and pride in requesting for the series again and again.

"It is good if both countries can resume bilateral ties but not at the cost of our self-respect and pride," PTI quoted Miandad as saying.

However, the former Pakistan captain also chanced upon taking a dig at India, who Miandad believes, is happy to thrive on "money and commercialism."

"Pakistan has always been superior to India in cricket and we have more raw cricketing talent compared to them. Their cricket is surviving on money and commercialism," added the former Pakistan captain.

The two arch rivals last squared off against one another in the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, which was one of the most watched sporting events of the year. India last played a Test match against Pakistan in 2007.