The Ministry of External Affairs released a summary of the border talks that took place between India and China delegates on Wednesday. Both parties have agreed to disengage and de-escalate border tensions in the Ladakh standoff, which turned fiercely violent in the last month and a half. With the world closely watching and rooting for a peaceful resolution between the two countries, the newly agreed-upon terms could bring tranquility in the border areas.

The talks were held between Joint Secretary (East Asia) in the Ministry of External Affairs Naveen Srivastava and Director General in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wu Jianghao. After the four-hour WMCC dialogue over video conference, India and China agreed to maintain communication at both diplomatic and military level to resolve the border tensions.

india-china armies in LAC
india-china armies in LACindia today

The two delegations agreed that implementation of this understanding expeditiously, in accordance with the bilateral agreements and protocols, would help ensure peace and tranquillity in border areas and the development of a broader relationship between the two countries.

India plays nice

According to a report by the Hindustan Times, the four-hour meeting between the two delegations had some tense moments. The Chinese side blamed India for the June 15 incident, but India played nice. Both sides wanted the dialogue to continue further the motive of the conversations held at the senior military level.

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"Both sides will continue the WMCC dialogue to iron out their differences on the border diplomatically and work towards removing any friction between the two armies. The process is going to be long drawn out and hence, we have to be patient for a peaceful outcome," a senior official told Hindustan Times.