Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan recently urged India to take the first step toward friendship between the two countries. This statement was made during his speech at the two-day Islamabad Security Dialogue, the first edition of an annual security discussion organized by Pakistan's National Security Division and several think-tanks that make up the National Security Committee's Advisory Board. Imran Khan talked about 'sustained efforts' for 'sustained peace'. But on close scrutiny, it seems the platform was used to peddle lies. Here are five lies Imran Khan peddled during his address.

First lie

At one point during his address, Imran said, "This is very unfortunate. (On strained India-Pakistan relation). Ever since our government came, we made multiple efforts to resolve the Kashmir issue with India with dialogue like a civilized neighbor." But the reality is beyond the truth. Pakistan is yet to take any major action against terrorist groups that have attacked India even after New Delhi submitted dossiers after the dossier. There was a clear involvement of Pakistan-based Jaish in the Pulwama attack that claimed 40 lives of CRPF personnel.

Imran Khan Pakistan Army Chief
Pak Army Chief Bajwa with Imran Khan, prime minister.Photo courtesy: Twitter/OfficialDGISPR

Second lie

During his address, Imran also added, "I hope India gives Kashmir its right to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Security Council Resolution 47, adopted on 21 April 1948." But the three-step UNSC resolution clearly asks Pakistan to withdraw all its nationals that entered Kashmir for the sake of fighting, which hasn't become a reality to date.

Third lie

Imran also said, "Our basic issue is to resolve the Kashmir problem through dialogue." This statement has been the biggest lie. The only basic issue of the State of Pakistan is to justify its and its Army's existence on false hope of 'taking back Kashmir from India'.

Imran Khan
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran KhanIANS

Fourth lie

Imran Khan added that the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian constitution led to the breakdown of diplomatic relations between the two countries. But also is far from reality. India repeatedly made efforts through diplomatic channels co-operation, especially during Covid-19. India has given the call for greater cooperation among South Asian nations to fight against pandemic but Pakistan has given a cold shoulder to this proposal.

Fifth lie

Imran's statement which is making headlines across the globe is that "India will have to take the first step." But historically it is India that has taken peace seriously and has made efforts to cooperate with Pakistan be it Vajpayee's bus diplomacy or Narendra Modi's surprise visit to Pakistan.