Hasina Begum, a 65-year-old woman had visited Pakistan 18 years ago to meet her in-laws when she lost her passport in Lahore. As she failed to ascertain her identity, she was imprisoned in Pakistan jail. 


The Aurangabad police had filed a 'missing person's' report in the matter after relatives of Hasina took the matter up to them and it was then further sent to Pakistani authorities. Upon returning, Hasina Begum was received by her family and Aurangabad police.

'I went through a lot of hardships and I am feeling peace after returning: Hasina

Hasina was quoted by ANI, "I went through a lot of hardships and I am feeling peace after returning to my country. I am feeling as if I am in heaven. I was imprisoned forcefully in Pakistan."

"I want to thank Aurangabad police for filing a report in the matter," she said.

Hasina said she was in Lahore when she lost her passport and the authorities there 'forcefully' sent to a jail in Pakistan.

How was Hasina finally freed after 18 years? 

Hasina repeatedly urged the Pakistani authorities to release her as she was innocent but they only started trying to ascertain her identity after they received a report from the police in Aurangabad in India.

A resident of Aurangabad, Hasina is married to Dilshad Ahmed, a resident of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The Aurangabad police sent information to Pakistan stating that Hasina had a house in Rashidpura area in Aurangabad. She has been registered under the City Chowk Police station in Aurangabad.