Jammu and Kashmir Police on Thursday, February 28, has issued an advisory in the border district of Rajouri along the Line of Control against phone calls being made from foreign numbers for extracting vital security information from civilians as well as security agencies.

The J&K Police advisory has been issued after the department received at least 10 different complaints from the common people as well as the army officials that they received calls from people who projected themselves as senior police officials and enquired about the security in the region.

"We have received over 10 such reports for the last few days wherein few police officers, administration officials and some civilians were called from suspicious numbers. Callers claimed to be senior army officers, police officers and administrative officers who were only trying to inquire about the security of the region," an official handout by the J&K police mentioned.

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The J&K Police after tracing the calls through a specialised software said that the handiwork of the foreign agencies who are trying to extract the sensitive information on security along LoC.

It also said that the numbers that flashed on the mobile phones of the recipients had Indian Code+91, which could be easily done through re-routing of phone calls.

The police while describing the imposters as anti-national and anti-national elements have also cautioned the general public to be aware of such miscreants and not share vital inputs with anonymous callers.

According to the advisory, the people have been asked to disconnect the call as soon as they suspect something dubious and report it immediately to the nearby police station.

The border areas of Rajouri, Poonch, Uri along the Line of Control in J&K are already on a high-security alert. Many families living in these regions have already fleed their homes fearing an escalation in India -Pakistan tensions.