It's yet another weekend and Salman Khan Weekend Ka Vaar is back. The entire last week inside the BB 14 house was full of controversies.

After Rahul Vaidya, recent comments on nepotism against Jaan Kumar Sanu and Jaan's remark on the Marathi language. In tonight's weekend ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan will be seen schooling both the housemates for their respective comments.

Salman Khan, Jaan Kumar sanu and Rahul Vaidya

Let's take a look at who said what!

Salman Khan schools Rahul Vaidya on nepotism remark

In the promo video shared by the channel, Salman Khan, who is the son of veteran writer Salim Khan, tells Rahul, Agar mere father mere liye kuch Karte hai, toh woh nepotism hua? Aap Apne bachcon ko Kisi ke upar thop rahe ho, pressure daal rahe ho, iss industry ke Andar woh possible hai? I want to know (If my father does something for me, is that nepotism? Pressuring someone to hire your children, is that possible in this industry? I want to know)."

In another promo video that is doing rounds, Salman is seen asking Jaan if his father has ever recommended him for a job. The singer replies, "No, sir, dad has never recommended me."

Salman then tells Rahul that Bigg Boss isn't the platform where discussions like these should be held.  Hearing all this Rahul is seen shaking his head silently in the video.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan slams Jaan Kumar Sanu for disrespecting the Marathi language

As per the reports in Khabri (insider account of BB), Salman Khan bashed Jaan for disrespecting the Marathi language.

 Rahul Vaidya's nepotism comment against Jaan Kumar Sanu

For the unversed, during the nomination task, Rahul nominated Jaan and said, "I would like to nominate Jaan Kumar Sanu because I hate nepotism. Whoever has come on the show, they've come based on their hard work. Jaan is on the show because he's someone's son." Rahul's jibe didn't go down well with Jaan and other housemates.

Jaan Kumar Sanu gets offended with this and tells Rahul, "Fortunate hoon main ki mere baap Mr Kamar Sanu hain. Baap pe mat jaa aur naa he Teri aukaad hai."

Jaan's remark on the Marathi language

After Rahul and Jaan's war of words, Jaan was hurt seeing that his best friend Nikki, was having a fun chat with Rahul rather than consoling him. Nikki and Rahul were conversing in Marathi, this irked Jaan, feeling left out, Jaan told Nikki, "Marathi mein baat mat kar, Mujhe cheed machti hai (Don't talk in Marathi, I get irritated)."

Bigg Boss 14

Jaan's comment on the Marathi language didn't go down well with the politicians and netizens, and they bashed the channel and Jaan for the same. Soon the channel rolled out an apology on their social media handle. Later Jaan also apologised in the show to the audience and Bigg Boss.

 Jaan apologises for his stark comment on the Marathi language.

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