Former Bigg Boss 14 contestant, Punjabi actress and singer Sara Gurpal was the first contestant to be eliminated from the BB house. Sara has been grabbing the headlines ever since she got inside the reality show.

While Sara was understanding the rules of the game inside the house a Punjabi singer names Tushar Kumar claimed that Sara married him in 2014. He said that she was lying when she claimed on Bigg Boss premiere that she was single. To justify himself he even produced a marriage certificate. 

Sara Gurpal

Sara is also nursing her injured eye is unhappy with the unfair decision of Sidharth nominating her despite the other two seniors wanting her to be part of the show. She found herself in a tricky situation when her ex-husband dug the past which she had left long ago and moved on. 

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Sara Gurpal slammed ex-husband Tushar Kumar for creating ruckus in her life, opened up about the mental and physical abuse that she faced for one a half-year, why she doesn't vibe with Sidharth Shukla and more.

Excerpts from the conversation 

Sara and Sid

On journey ending due to Sidharth Shukla

It was a short and sweet journey, and I was not happy. Because, nomination nai that, no one was expecting that I would be out. Out of the three seniors, two seniors Hina (Khan) and Gauahar (Khan) didn't want me to go out, It was just Sidhgaryh who wanted me out. I felt it was unfair and I still feel it's unfair. All this while when I was inside the house, I thought that when I come out people understand that my eviction was unfair. And I was thrilled to know that people actually stood by me.

Bigg Boss 14  was a roller coaster ride, and I enjoyed the show, I have put my best. I injured my eyes, as well, despite doctors coming in being on medication and injection. I performed and played well. Everyone saw, but Sidharth Shukla didn't see it. i may not have won a trophy, but I have definitely won a lot of hearts.

On her eye injury

I have an eye injury. It was hurt during the bulldozer task. Nikki's arclyric nail hit me badly. I am recovering well as doctors used to come inside the house., the housemates and channel took care of me. But Nikki never came or spoke to me.

Sidharth Shukla

If she would meet BB 13 winner and senior Sidharth Shukla now, as they are out to bury the hatchet

Sidharth was there because of the format of the show, and I hardly care about him. I dint try to know him even in the show. Nor will I do so now.  He must have thought that I don't talk to him much or vice with him. Honestly, we had no equation. I don't know his nature, I have vibed with everyone inside the house but not with him. Sidharth and I don't gel at all.

Sara Gurpal

Sara broke her silence and rubbished Tushar's claims.

How it started

When Sara found herself in a particularly sticky situation when a Punjabi singer Tushar Kumar claimed that Sara married him in 2014, he added that she was lying when she claimed on Bigg Boss premiere that she was single. He also produced a marriage certificate and pictures to back his claims.

sara gurpal

Sara slams Tusshar says she has moved out of her toxic marriage and trauma.

He talked about the Green card. I don't have a green card. Marrying someone for a green card is rubbish. If any girl marries, a person who resides outside India that girl will anyway get a green card. No girl marries just for Green card. Iss pure baat ka koi meaning nai hai, base nai hai uske baton ka.

I was not going for Sara ka Swayamvar, I was going inside the Bigg Boss house, and I was not going to marry anyone there. All this began when I went inside the house. From the last 5 years, he was nowhere. He himself said that he is separated so why the hell is he coming now and saying all this.  And yes, I am single because I am separated. 

And the moment I came out of the house, he changed the statement. He said, 'I feel bad for Sara; they should have given me a chance'. Suddenly why this soft corner? I have given years to be where I am now, not like these people. Showing the marriage certificate for publicity.  He knows that as I am out of the house, I will speak the truth.

Our parents didn't teach us to wash our dirty linen in public. Aise ladke ki koi ladki nai dene chaiye. (No family should give their daughter to him). He should be ashamed of himself.

Sara and Tushar

On trauma that she faced in her marriage

I have ended it long ago, and I can't tell you how much I have suffered, I was abused, mentally and physically. It took me one and a half year to get out of trauma, and my family helped me. Ek insaan trauma se nikal ke kaam kar Raha hai aur yeh certificate and pictures dikha Raha hai that I am married. ( I have come out of the trauma and working on my career and he is coming with a marriage certificate for publicity)

My parents have taught me to solve Ghar ka matter ghar mein. Aur yeh Kya he maa baap ki sunta Hoga. Unki bhi nai manta Hoga woh, aage jake kisse bhi ladki see shaadi karega toh bhi aise he Karega. Kabhi kisse se shaadi na Kare . ( One should solve their personal matter inside the house. I m sure he must not be listening to his parents too.) Shame on him as a guy, as a husband.