Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen people thronging liquor shops in the past and floating lockdown rules but nothing can come in between food lovers and their love for Biryani, not even coronavirus. Here we are referring to the latest fad in Bengaluru for which people are queued up in a 1.5km long line to buy biryani from a famous restaurant in Hoskote. 

'Anand Dum Biryani', has been witnessing hundreds of customers queuing up since early morning to order biryani from their shop located in the Hoskote area of Bengaluru. The number of buyers for biryani has returned to pre-COVID times.


Customers have stood in the queue for almost two hours as there many people waiting for their orders. Mainly, due to word of mouth by food bloggers, people are now gathering to find out what is the hype about.

People standing in the queue seem to have forgotten currently the country has crossed 75 lakh-mark in the number of coronavirus cases. 

Anand Dum Biryani opened 22 years ago, serves 1000 kgs per day

As per reports, the owner of this Biryani restaurant said, "We opened this stall around 22 years ago. No preservatives are put in our biryani. We serve more than a thousand kilograms of biryani in one day."

The long queue at Anand Dum Biryani has been witnessed despite the social distancing advisories of the State government.

A customer says, "I came here at 4 am, but got my order at 6:30 am, as there's a long queue of about 1.5 km for biryani. The food is too delicious, it's worth the wait."

Watch the video here