Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV, who is known for his crazy way of thinking, has asked all the religious leaders to explain if God wants to punish the sinners through coronavirus, why we are desperate to save them.

Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal VarmaTwitter

Ram Gopal Varma talks about coronavirus

Ram Gopal Varma, who often shares his views on current affairs, took to his Twitter page to talk about Coronavirus. Talking about isolation, the filmmaker tweeted on March 17, "Good thing about isolation is, it's a Great thing for husbands and wives who hate each other. 99.99999 % of married couples will thank Coronavirus for isolating them and the 0.00001 % of married couples are dead."

A day later, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted a video featuring a long queue outside a mart and wrote, "It finally took coronavirus to beat the queues of ⁦@ssrajamouli's Bahubali 2 ..Panicked Americans line up outside a shopping mart ..Scary sight." Later, he shared a funny meme of Sholay and wrote, "If the virus will stay for too long I hope we soon won't see movie posters like this "

Ram Gopal Varma, who is an atheist, went on to draw a connection between God and Coronavirus. He said that the present situation God may be thinking all human beings are evils and Coronavirus is clearing them like a hero. He wrote, "In the way, he's f...ing us left right and centre I am beginning to think that in God's mind, Corona is the vaccine and we are the virus."

The Shiva director tweeted, "If us God creations as humans built churches, temples and mosques to pray, and now if they r getting closed due to another creation of God called virus, is it because viruses build better churches temples mosques n pray much better than us in their microscopic world. Just asking."

Ram Gopal Varma and Mia Malkova
Ram Gopal Varma and Mia MalkovaTwitter

Ram Gopal Varma asked some questions to the religious leaders, as he tweeted, "If no religion seems to be able to protect us, is it better to embrace Corona religion? Just asking. Can any religious leader explain why the hell god created viruses? And If the answer is that he wants to punish the sinners, then why the hell are we desperate to save the sinners? Aren't our actions against God? Just asking."

The filmmaker concluding with his viewpoint that human beings are villains in the lost story of God and coronavirus. Ram Gopal Varma tweeted, "I think God and Coronavirus are secretly having an affair and we human beings are the villains in their love story."