Donald Trump calls for unity in Thanksgiving message
Several far-rights leaders say that Donald Trump has already backtracked on several of his pledgesReuters

Far-right leaders have said that the United States President-elect Donald Trump will disappoint his supporters if he shuns the "White supremacy".

Certain White supremacy leaders told the Guardian that those activists who recently shouted "hail Trump" in an event in Washington and gave him Nazi salutes will revolt if Trump does not meet their expectations.

Why alt-right leaders love Donald Trump and hail him as their president

Far-right influencers have analysed that Trump might not stand true to some of his racism-tinged promises he made during his presidential election campaign. Their analysis also states that although the alt-right are now enjoying their proximity to power, they could well remain on the political fringe after considering that Trump is already making turns on his promises.

"Their hearts are bigger than their brains. Saying they want to be the intellectual head of the Trump presidency is delusional," said Mark Weber, who runs the Institute for Historical Review, told the Guardian.

A white supremacist leader, Jared Taylor, who runs the "race-realist" magazine American Renaissance, said that Trump has already backtracked on several of his pledges which had encouraged the far-right groups. "At first he promised to send back every illegal immigrant. Now he is waffling on that," he added.

"In January Trump will start governing and will have to make compromises. Even small ones will trigger squabbles between the 'alt-right'. 'Trump betrayed us.' 'No, you're betraying us for saying Trump betrayed us.' And so on. The alt-right's appearance of influence will diminish more and more as they start to fight amongst themselves," self-proclaimed Holocaust revisionist David Cole said.

Founder of the webzine, Peter Brimelow, in an email interview had said that the incapability of Trump to deliver "important bones" could trigger a backlash. "I think the right of the right is absolutely prepared to revolt. It's what they do."

However, some of the "extremists" have said that even though they do not receive any help from the White House, Donald Trump's victory in America has energised them and the alt-rights movement can now grow and prosper.