Intel ICC Champions Trophy 2017
ICC to bring advanced technology for analysing pitch and player's bat-swing stats at ICC Champions Trophy 2017Intel Newsroom

The use of technology in sports has become a norm these days as tech gadgets have often proved invaluable in analysing a player's strengths and weaknesses. International Cricket Council has now revealed that it has been working with American tech giant Intel to bring pitch analysis tech, bat sensor and new virtual reality (VR) experience to the audience at the Champions Trophy 2017.

The Champions Trophy kicked off on Thursday, June 1, with England taking on Bangladesh at The Oval, London, and avid cricket fans can get the best cricketing experience with the advent of new technology into the game. According to ICC, we will be seeing a new drone technology for handling advanced pitch analysis and a new VR experience for fans at the stadium.

Team data analysts and coaches could now get busy with the new bat sensor technology from Intel, which enables accurate analysis of bat speed, the batsman's back-lift angle, and time to impact with the bat after the ball is released by the bowler. The new bat sensor is powered by Intel's Curie technology and can be attached to any cricket bat to collect stats on the player's bat-swing. Thereby players and coaches can monitor the batsman's strokes and help him correct his bat swing for improving his overall game.

Here are a few excerpts from Intel's official post:

With this technology, parameters like back-lift, bat speed and follow-through can be tracked for every cricket stroke. Several batsmen will use these bat sensors in the games at the 2017 Champions Trophy, enabling new insights on stroke play and rich storytelling during broadcasts. Virtual reality (VR) experience zones at The Oval and Edgbaston will allow fans to experience facing a virtual bowler in an immersive cricketing environment. Using a head mounted display (HMD), the player will be able to test his or her batting skills against a virtual bowler.

Avid cricket fans can now entertain themselves in an immersive world of virtual reality at select matches, wherein they will be allowed to test their batting skills while facing deliveries from a virtual bowler, using a head-mounted display (HMD).

Apart from England and Bangladesh, six more nations including India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and England will take part in the ICC Championship Trophy 2017.

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