Akshay kumar interviews modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a conversation with actor Akshay Kumar, in New Delhi, on April 24, 2019.IANS

Akshay Kumar recently conducted an interview with Narendra Modi. As it was a completely non-political interaction, the PM revealed a lot of unknown facts about his life.

Akshay started the interaction with a very casual question asking if Modi likes mangoes or not. He replied in affirmative and spoke about relishing on the fruit directly from trees during his childhood.

The chat session went for more than an hour, during which Modi revealed some interesting aspects of his personal life. Here are the top five most interesting things Modi said during the interview with Akshay:

Modi's fashion sense

The PM said that he used to wash his clothes himself until he became CM, and used to carry a jholi wherever he used to go. Since full-sleeved kurtas used to take longer time to wash and more space in his bag, he started wearing half-sleeved kurtas, and that is how he changed his dressing preference. Speaking about wearing his wristwatch upside down, Modi said that he does that in order to show respect to people he meets. Sporting it upside down relieves him from the habit of looking at watch too often, which in turn, does not make the other person feel that he is in a hurry.

Did Modi ever had the ambition to become PM?

Modi said that he never envisioned himself to become the Prime Minister of India. He said that with his non-political and poor background, he never thought of leading the country. Instead, he was willing to become a 'sanyasi' or join the Army to serve the nation.

PM's rapport with the opposition leaders

While Modi and his opposition leaders are always seen criticising each other, he seems to be sharing a good relationship with most of them outside the political sphere. He said that West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee often sends him sweets, and also sends him kurtas of her own choice once a year. He added that he always had friendly bonds with Ghulam Nabi Azad.

Reaction to numerous social media memes

The PM said that he is very active on social media as it helps him to remain updated about the happenings around the world. He also appreciated the memes saying that it reflects on the creativity of people. He also pulled Akshay's legs by saying that he follows his wife Twinkle Khanna's Twitter handle, and sees her angry comments on him.

Does Modi help his mother financially?

Modi said that he never sends money to his mother, and instead she gives him 'sawa rupaiya' whenever he visits her. He further added that he considers the nation as his family ever since he became a CM.

Watch the full interview below: