Kubbra Siat

Kubbra Sait is a renowned actress, host and model who has appeared in the films like Sultan, Ready and City Of Life. She is known for her portrayal of Kuckoo in Netflix original show Sacred Games. The actress is basking in the success of her new show  Wakaalat From Home wherein she plays a lawyer.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Kubbra Sait spoke at length about her show Wakaalat From Home, why she is glad that she isn't a journalist and working with her brother Danish Sait.

Excerpts from the interview:

Kubbra Siat

On her show Wakaalat From Home

I play a dysfunctional lawyer, she is quirky, funny and the only sane person amongst all. But as the show moves forward her sanity fails. Wakaalat From Home is an out an out comedy show and there is absolutely no seriousness in the show. It was very exciting to be part of the show and it was great that I was working during the lockdown. In fact, everyone invested their time in each other, and nobody had tantrums. All of us were cooperative and accommodating.

Did you want you to be a lawyer?

No, I wanted to be a journalist actually. But I'm glad I'm not one (Laughs)

Kubbra Sait

On being vocal on Twitter

I have voiced my opinion on Twitter enough so I don't find the need to again validate the thing via an interview. Primarily because enough of said we need to realise that we are human beings and not animals in a circus so let's stop behaving like that.

Danisha nd Kubbra

Are you content with work?

You need to be happy and content each day. In case, you are having a bad day or a bad phase, you have an oppournity to make it better and that's what's important

Danish Sait

When can we see you and your brother Danish together?

I find him effortlessly funny; he doesn't think before he speaks so that helps. Not that I can think that we both can be in the same frame, However, we haven't been offered anything yet.

Working with Sumeet Vyas

Sumi and I have done 6 projects together so he better act like a best friend. He is a thinker and a powerhouse of talent.

 Message to your fans

The lockdown is not over and is a responsible citizen, don't go out unless extremely essential. In case you go out to wear a mask, maintain social distancing. And if you have been infected with the virus, don't panic.