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Popular actor Sumeet Vyas is known for his role in TVF's web series Permanent Roommates. Since then Vyas has been part of Bollywood films that include  English Vinglish, Veere Di Wedding, Ribbon and a few more.

And now,  the fantastic pair Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh are reuniting after four years with Amazon Prime Video's new series, Waakalat From Home.

On the personal front, Sumeet has turned daddy during the lockdown and is embracing the joys of fatherhood.

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Sumeet Vyas spoke at length about embracing fatherhood; his new show Waakalat From Home and his camaraderie with Nidhi Singh.

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How is fatherhood treating you?

Fatherhood is treating me well, right now, baby and mom (Ekta) are in Jammu,  with her family. When the baby was born, her parents couldn't come here. Because of the situation, now when the flights reopened, I sent them to their home town. As they are there, I can meet people and shoot freely. When was the baby was home, I couldn't go out because I was afraid for the child.

On his show  'Wakaalat From Home.'

I was shooting from home; we finished the shooting for the show in May and in June Ved was born. Ekta was pregnant, and we were spending time at home. While I was shooting, Ekta got a break from me as I can be a bit of overbearing. Too much of me at home all day is not fun.

Concept of the show is divorce, tell us about your character?

My character Sujiln Kohli is a struggling actor. He is a bit of a loser who hasn't got much work, and he thinks he is a great actor. He is waiting for a eureka moment that people will discover him and he will be a big star. To earn a living for himself, he starts doing some shady businesses for quick bucks, and that lands him in trouble. He has left the house and has gone somewhere, and the lockdown is announced, so he is stuck. Now his wife is fed up and wants a divorce from him. The show is fun and light-hearted I can say its a comedy of errors.

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Working with Nidhi Singh in Permanent Roommates to 'Wakaalat From Home'

Nidhi is fun to work with always, and she has got incredible comic timing. You have to stop taking yourself seriously and learn to make yourself fun. The freer you are, the funnier you can be. Not many are comfortable making fun of themselves, so the credit goes to her; she is very secure as a person, and as an actor, we have known each other. Seen each other grow, the respect and admiration that we have for each other's work is commendable. We have seen each other grow in our respective careers.

Sumeet Vyas

On daddy duties

Ved has just started recognising; he is only three months old. I think he is like Buddha. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a cranky kid. In case he is crying or is cranky we try to distract him, and he gets distracted soon. I take him out under our building just for a walk, and he enjoys seeing trees and listening to the chirping of birds. I hope by the time he starts walking, he gets to see babies without mask.