Sumeet Vyas who is best known for his web show Permanent roommates, broke the news of embracing parenthood two days ago. Ever since he announced this piece of good news, fans just cannot contain the excitement. During this gloomy time and as the world is tensed and talking only about the rising number of coronavirus cases, such news always comes across as a fresh breath of air.

However, delivering a newborn baby during such turbulent times where nothing is safe is a matter of concern for many. Although the situation is grave but such circumstances are unavoidable. Sumeet, in a candid chat, spoke in length about bringing their child in the times of coronavirus, how the couple is planning to take precautionary measures. They shared the names of their baby and more:

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Sumeet and Ekta

Ekta's due date

"We're expecting her to deliver in the first week of June. Hopefully, things will be normal by then.  We are kind of prepared for that. But at the same time, we are hopeful things will be better by the time I deliver."

Why did they hide about embracing parenthood

"When soon-to-be papa, I thought there's no point talking about these things. Anyway, first 2-3 months they say that batana nahi chahiye. Time rolled by and then, we were attacked by corona across the globe."

Maternity check-ups during COVID-19

"We have gone out twice so far for it. My aunt is a doctor and she's looking after her. Aunty owns a maternity hospital."

 On baby names

"We don't have preferences per se. Some day we feel it's going to be a daughter and then some days, we feel it will be a son. The baby should be just healthy. Unlike abroad where some of our friends get to know the sex of their unborn baby, I think the fun goes away if you know it beforehand. Ekta said, Sumeet has decided one name for the boy and I have decided one name for the girl. Let's see who gets to keep their name. Right now, we have thought of some names no doubt. We need to speak to my Dad. Woh thoda kundali mein vishwas rakhte hain. After that, we shall finalise."

On managing household chores

"Sumeet and I are doing all the work by ourselves. We make plans for the next day and divide work! That's how we are managing right now. And after the delivery, my mom will be around so managing baby won't be an issue at all. She has managed me; I am sure my baby will be easy for her. Also, Sumeet was ready since forever. So, I am not worried about managing the baby."

Food cravings

"Everyone's asking about my food craving! Well, I don't have any! Seriously this may look boring but I am not craving for anything except for my parents', sister, jiju and my nephews' company. I really need them right now. Also, mood swings Nahi hai (no mood swings). There's so much happening around that the limited time I get for myself, I want to be happy and keep things positive."

Physical activities

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"No routine at all. I just make sure I am active and do my bit of physical exercise. Think positive, watch good films, listen to good music, eat healthily and be thankful for the life I have. That's it! Everyone's suggesting to stay safe, positive, healthy eating and some rest."

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Mr and Mrs!

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On April 5, 2020, Ekta and Sumeet had shared that they will be welcoming a new permanent roommate. The actress had taken to her Instagram handle and had posted a mushy picture with her hubby that read "Proudly announcing our new project together. Introducing Jr. KaulVyas (soon) Created, Directed and Produced by US.... @sumeetvyas and I".

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For the unversed, Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul have got married on September 15, 2018, in Jammu and Kashmir in a traditional Kashmiri style wedding.

On the work front, Sumeet was seen in 'Tripling' based on a road trip. He is also the co-writer of this series. He has so far appeared in films like Parched, Guddu Ki Gun, Aurangzeb, Reservation.