Jaya Bachchan lost her cool in Rajya Sabha while discussing a bill on narcotic drugs. The Samajwadi Party MP was allegedly irked when a personal comment was made on her. Jaya not only was miffed but also didn't try to mince her words while expressing her anger. As per reports, it was Jugal Lokhandwala's statement that "you will not do drama" that made Jaya lose her cool.

Jaya Bachchan
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Jaya Bachchan explodes

However, the MP added that he meant it about the whole opposition and not about Jaya in particular. "We want justice. We don't expect justice from there (treasury benches) but can we expect it from you? How are you protecting the members of this house or the 12 members sitting outside? How are you protecting them?" Jaya Bachchan said while addressing the Chair, presided over by Bhuwaneswar Kalitha.

When the speaker added that she didn't seem interested in talking about the Bill, Mrs Bachchan lashed out. "It is my turn to speak. We have given three to four hours to discuss a clerical error," she reportedly said. When she was booed, she further lashed out, "What is going on? This is terrible... Aap logon ke bure din aayenge, (Your bad days will come)."

Jaya Bachchan
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The "personal comment"

However, it was reportedly, Jugal Lokhandwala's comment that made her explode."How can they make personal remarks in the house? This is so sad that you people don't have enough sense or honour for the colleagues sitting outside? Aap logon ke bure din bohot jald aayenge, I curse you," the actor turned politician said.