The year 2020 may not have ended on a good note for many, but for Gauahar Khan, the year surely has brought all the happiness she hoped for. Not only has the year given her a high career-wise but also given her the man of her life. Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar are all set to tie-the-knot on December 25, 2020. And with this, the most gorgeous small screen actress would officially be taken. Zaid Darbar is the son of legendary music composer, Ismail Darbar.

Gauahar Khan, Kushal Tandon
Gauahar Khan slapgate: Ex-boyfriend Kushal Tandon says accused could've carried acidReuters

Now, Gauahar Khan's ex, Kushal Tandon has also opened up about her wedding. Kushal told TOI that if invited he would love to attend. However, he also added that he might not be able to as he would be busy with shooting at that time. He said, "I am in touch with her and I am happy that she is getting married. God bless her. If she invites me to her wedding, I would love to go. But, I think I will be shooting that time, so I am not sure if I will be able to attend the wedding or not."

Talking about his own wedding, the Beyhadh star said that he doesn't know when is the right time to settle down and who his better half would be. He also added that all he wants in his partner is for her to have a good heart.

Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon
Gauahar Khan and Kushal TandonTwitter

Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon had fallen-in-love after they became a part of Bigg Boss. They soon bonded and declared their love for each-other. In fact, Gauahar even left the show and went out along with Kushal Tandon. However, like all good things, their relationship also came to an end in 2014. The duo levelled several allegations at each-other but soon went back to being friends. 

Kushal had also expressed his excitement on getting to know of Gauahar's wedding. We hope Kushal too finds his ladylove soon.