It's shouting, rather 'protesting' proof of Covid-19 fatigue having clearly set in. No one's scared of crowds anymore, or interested in social distancing. If at all, 'social gathering' with a purpose is likely to find more takers.

After California Governor Gavin Newsom announces night-time curfew starting Saturday, protesters gathered at Huntington Beach, waving Trump and American flags, while also calling themselves 'curfew breakers,' at the very time that the curfew starts.

Gavin Newsom
California Governor Gavin Newsom.

The crowd was protesting against California's overnight curfew running from 10 p.m until 5 a.m imposed to help check the spread of the virus. The lawbreakers were quite punctual, in the sense that protest began exactly at 10.01 pm, a minute after the start of the curfew. Several videos surfaced on social media, many of them also showed Huntington Beach's 'curfew breaker' protestors blocking traffic on the streets.

The Californians were put on a limited stay-at-home order due to the recent spike in Covid-19 cases. The order is set to remain in place for most of the next month until Dec 21. The curfew was specifically set for social gatherings where drinking could impair judgment when it comes to social distancing and other Covid-related precautions.

Twitter goes on a tweet rant

Orange County clearly looked like they couldn't take orders or worse take a 'no'. Several different videos that went viral to show protestors in significant numbers holding flags and shouting and even blocking traffic. As a reaction, some posts suggested that the protestors be left and locked where they were, right at Huntington Beach. Many called out to the police and rubber bullets and tear gas. "Police only show up for protests they personally don't like," commented a social media user.

Some sense also prevailed

Many also used the very same social media platforms to highlight the gravity of the situation. "California reported a record 15,442 new coronavirus infections, with L.A.County accounting for 4,522 of them nearly," wrote a user. While the other questioned and rightfully so, "Do they care about the medical staff that will have to take care of them."