From the mark sheet of school examinations to the engineering diploma, his every single document was fake. Notwithstanding, the man not only got a government job in Jammu And Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation (JKPCC) and but was promoted to the rank of assistant general manager before he landed in the net of the anti-corruption bureau.

After nine years of registering a case against him, the anti-corruption bureau (ACB) earlier this week filed a chargesheet against Mohammed Shafi Shah and others under relevant sections of Jammu and Kashmir Prevention of Corruption Act, 2006 in the Anti Corruption Court, Anantnag.

In the chargesheet, the ACB has named the then Deputy General Manager of JKPCC, Unit 5th Anantnag, Manzoor Ahmad Matoo, Abdul Majid Khan and several other senior officials.

On a complaint filed against him for forging his technical and educational certificates, the ACB had registered a case against Shah and taken up the investigation to verify his documents.

J&K High Court
J&K High Court

Got job, rose ranks

In the investigation, what came up was shocking. According to The Straight Line, he got the job in the JKPCC in 1987 and rose through the ranks to become the Assistant General Manager in June 2000. It was found that his certificate of BSc. that he had produced for getting the job was never issued from the Jammu and Kashmir University.

Not only he forged documents to get the government job, the fraudster further forged a high court order and was given not one, not two but eight increments. In addition to this, the accused also managed to receive eight increments by faking a High Court order.

The matter has already been brought to the Jammu and Kashmir High Court. If the accused is able to prove that he is not guilty only then he would be able to save his job. The matter is equivalent to a shocking revelation that a man, along with his associates, has been purposely fooling the government department since so long.