The potential existence of aliens has been perplexing humans for years, and experts at space agencies like NASA are digging deep to determine whether an extraterrestrial race is thriving in the deep nooks of the universe. As the search goes on, a top expert has said that the world has no ''take me to your leader'' plan if the first contact with aliens happens. 

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Humans will be in a dilemma if alien first contact happens

Australian astronomer Professor Fred Watson believes that humans have not figured out who will greet aliens if a first encounter happens with an intelligent species. 

"There isn't anything in place. There's a well-established chain of boxes that need to be ticked and it would go through a lot of analysis to ensure that what you're talking about is a real phenomenon," said Watson, Daily Star reports. 

He added, "However, once scientists identified what had happened, it'd then be up to the political leaders of the world to decide what to do about it, and as far as I'm aware, there's no plan in place.''

Possibilities of alien existence are low

According to Watson, the possibility of an intelligent alien species thriving in the universe could be very low. 

He, however, admitted that alien life forms, in their microbial form may exist in distant space bodies. 

"The overwhelming opinion is that while microbial life might exist. There's a gloomy outlook about there being intelligent life forms. The common view is we are just a complete freak of nature – intelligent life is so rare and is such an unlikely event," he further added.