Several Hollywood movies like Independence Day and Mars Attack have showcased how a potential alien invasion will look like. In most of these Hollywood flicks, humans used to emerge victorious by defeating the deadly aliens that reach earth from the distant nooks of the universe. However, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) expert, Seth Shostak believes that a real alien invasion will not be like the ones often portrayed in films, as humans do not have the arsenal to combat an attack from an advanced civilization. 

An alien invasion and its repercussions

SETI is a non-profit research organization in California's Silicon Valley that scans the skies looking for alien life that could be thriving somewhere else in the universe. Seth Shostak is now the institute's senior astronomer, and he is coordinating missions that could someday result in a crucial human-alien first contact. 

Alien Invasion
Alien Invasion Representational PicturePixabay

According to Shostak, humans could do nothing if aliens come here. He also made it clear that humans did not have a proper plan to combat an alien invasion, as a species capable of reaching earth could be much advanced. 

"Say you've got a plan, but it's like the Carib Indians planning what they'll do if they see Chris Columbus coming across the horizon. He's going to get into some small boats and come and land on your island. What are you going to do about that? Bear in mind any alien travelers that could reach us are very much more advanced technologically than we are," Shostak told Daily Star

Human weapons will not be sufficient to combat alien attack

Shostak also added that even the advanced weapon developed by humans will not be capable enough to combat an advanced extraterrestrial species that show the technological advancement to reach the blue planet. 

"Our best rockets would take 100,000 years to get to the next star over let alone to one where there might be some aliens – so the conceit that you see in the movies where we take the invaders on is nonsense. If they want to come here and flatten Swindon there's nothing we can do. The only option you have is maybe to negotiate," added Shostak. 

Recently, Nick Pope who had previously worked for the UK government in their UFO search program also claimed that humans are helpless if an alien invasion takes place. He added that there is no action plan to combat an alien invasion.