In a bizarre incident, a woman discovered a human finger inside a burger from a restaurant in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Pictures of the burger with a finger inside soon went viral online, and it compelled the  Deputy Minister of Consumer Defence to issue a statement soon. 

Finger of a worker inside the burger

Jorge Silva, Deputy Minister of Consumer Defence, told local publication Efe revealed that the hamburger had a part of the finger of a worker who lost his fingers while at work. 

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"It has been verified that the hamburger has been sold in that establishment and that the hamburger had part of a finger from a worker who lost two fingers last Friday," said Silva. 

According to reports published in local media outlets, one of the workers in the meat-grinding factory had lost two fingers while operating a cutting machine. Even though the worker was immediately taken to hospital, one of his fingers was never recovered. It should be noted that this meat-grinding factory is supplying burgers to at least 20 restaurants in the area. 

Investigation on

Soon after the accident, the batch was discarded. However, some products might have made their way to restaurants, and this burger finally ended up on the plate of the unlucky woman. 

Jorge Silva revealed that an investigation is currently on, and he made it clear that strict actions will be taken against people who are behind this act. 

"We will punish who are responsible, the Penal Code establishes a penalty of up to 10 years in prison," said Silva. 

However, in a recent statement, the restaurant assured that they have been in business for more than 21 years, and have adhered to all health, safety, and food safety regulations.