It's not so much about the establishments as it is about the intention. Where's there's no will, even the state can completely skip welfare and where there is one, even the corporates can show some social responsibility.

Fast-food giant Burger King showing solidarity with the French farmers comes at a time when India is grappling with farmers' issues; taken up in drawing room conversations to newsroom debates.

With the restaurant sector in trouble, thousands of French farmers have found themselves unable to sell their produce. Taking note of the situation, Burger King has decided to step in and lend the farmers a helping hand.

Burger King
Burger King

"Potato farmers have been left with tonnes of the crop on their hands. We've decided to chip in by buying 200 extra tonnes of potatoes," reads the statement from the company that has proudly attached the tagline 'We're keeping French farmers feeling chipper.'

Starting February 2, the fast-food brand will be giving away a one-kilo bag of potatoes with every visit to a drive-thru. "And you can help too by making a resolution for 2021: to keep buying potatoes," the statement tosses the ball back into the consumers' court.

"Wedges, hash browns, roast potatoes and mash –say yes to them all. For the love of spud, let's make this new year a good one."

burger king

Not the first goodwill gesture by Burger King

Burger King and McDonald's share the same war that Coke and Pepsi have going on between them for decades. Or Marvel vs DC anyone? No marketing executive ever thought the day would come when the blood feud between the two essentially burger joints would be sidetracked to promote each other.

The Coronavirus came and it became essential to save the workers, the restaurants, the industry in general. Which is when Burger King asked their customers to treat themselves to a Big Mac. "Keep treating yourself to tasty meals through home delivery, takeaway or drive through." Even though it said on a parting note, "Getting a whopper is always best, but ordering a Big Mac is also not such a bad thing."

The brand has often had marketing takeaways from pretty much every campaign it has launched. Be it asking consumers to burst flavours in their mouth and not crackers in their surroundings, or be it supporting the amateur artist community on World Photography Day. But this time, the endeavour resonated at a different level. With the struggling farmers to those supporting the protestors.