Kunickaa Sadanand
Hum Saath Saath Hai actress Kunickaa SadanandFacebook

Hum Saath Saath Hai actress Kunickaa Sadanand has recently filed a police complaint against the Bishnoi community for allegedly sending her death threats and obscene messages.

The complaint has been filed under Section 506/507, an official from Mumbai's Oshiwara Police Station was quoted as saying by The Times Of India.

"Investigations are on and we are looking into the matter. Till then, we have given her police protection," the officer added.

The actress posted a video on her Facebook page and shared how a few members of Bishnoi community have been harassing her. She also mentioned that she has kept record of all the calls and messages and will report to police if needed.

"Dear frnds I'm posting this video, as I got some calls from the Bishnoi community. Please do watch it. I wud like to add that there are some people who are harassing me for the past 3hrs , and abusing me and sending me obscene msgs and death threats. Which makes me wonder, if this is how they can behave with a mini celebrity like me, wonder what they must have tried with someone else in the past 20 years, they are obviously not the Laachar and bachara community that they were made out to be. Also wud like to mention here that I am keeping a record of all the calls and msgs and if necessary will report it to the police. Conclusion: I don't respect anyone who'd doesn't respect a woman," read Sadanand's Facebook post.

Sadanand started receiving threat calls after she had extended her support to Salman Khan in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case and said that the Bishnoi community should use him as an example and not oppose the bail.

In a television debate, Sadanand had said that Salman should be made to do some work for the community, like breeding black bucks, adopting a jungle, etc. She added that some Bishnois are hunters just like there are non-vegetarians in vegetarian communities.

Soon after her statement, Sadanand was flooded with phone calls and was asked to apologize for what she said about Bishnoi community on national television.

"A person called Santosh Bishnoi called me and wanted me to apologise for what I had said on television and I agreed, as I had no proof about Bishnois being non-vegetarian; I had only heard about it from a man in Kota. However, the phone calls did not stop, there were messages on Facebook, too. They threatened to file a case against me. By then, I'd had enough and I posted a video online, apologising for my statement. I also talked about the harassment," Sadanand was quoted as saying by The Times Of India.

Some of the members of the Bishnoi community have also filed a complaint againt the actress for hurting their sentiments and posted pictures of the written complaint on social media. But Sadanand claimed that she has not received any official intimation about it.

"I am fine with those who have taken the legal route, but I have not received any official intimation about it. Having said that, I have a right to speak and right to an opinion," Sadanand said.