Hugh Jackman might not be done with Wolverine, at least not yet. Although Logan was his last movie as the X-Men character, the actor teased fans on Instagram that he is considering donning the yellow clawed suit for a special occasion.

Taking to Instagram, the actor teased fans that he is considering the yellow Wolverine suit, as shown in the comics, for Halloween 2017. Having avoided the costume for years now, the actor might hang his claws by giving fans a look at him in the iconic attire.

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With the release of Logan, fans were hoping that there would be a way that he would don the spandex to end his run as the Wolverine. But given that it was a different take on the X-Men series movies, the costume did not find a place in the movie.

However, he is considering it as a great option for Halloween. "Just maybe I will finally wear blue and yellow spandex for my #halloweencostume #tootall #wolverine," he wrote on the social media platform.

Jackman is seen holding up the Wolverine Halloween costume when he joked about wearing it. But how cool would it be to see him FINALLY don the attire!? It would be an absolute treat for fans if this trick turns into reality.

Just maybe I will finally wear blue and yellow spandex for my #halloweencostume #tootall #wolverine

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While fans wait for the yellow suit on Jackman, the Australian actor is waiting to see who is replacing him. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter recently, the actor admitted that he is keen on the Wolverine recast. He did not offer any recommendations.

The Wolverine actor hung his claws after playing the role for 17 years with the release of Logan. James Mangold marvellously brought an end to the glorious run of the actor as the X-Men character. The film not only received rave reviews but also surpassed $600 million at the box office.