Hrithik Roshan, sister Sunaina Roshan, mother Pinky Roshan, father Rakesh Roshan
Hrithik Roshan with sister Sunaina Roshan, mother Pinky Roshan and father Rakesh RoshanInstagram

Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina is reportedly back in good terms with her family. According to reports, she has broken up with her boyfriend, and now stays at her own house with the Roshan family.

Tension in Roshan family had started after Sunaina openly spoke about her differences with parents and Hrithik. As reported earlier, the whole issue had erupted after the Roshan family opposed Sunaina's relationship with her boyfriend Ruhail Amin, who is apparently already married and has kids.

It was reported that Rakesh Roshan had slapped her over this issue, and Hrithik also did not support Sunaina, following which she had decided to live separately. She had even publicly said that she had sought Kangana Ranaut's help back then, who can be called a rival of the Roshan family.

Ruhail Amin, Sunaina Roshan
Ruhail Amin, Sunaina RoshanTwitter

However, according to Spotboye, the situation is much better now as Sunaina has broken ties with her boyfriend, and is now happily staying with her family. She was also a part of Rakesh Roshan's 70th birthday that was held on September 6.

The report also stated that when they contacted Ruhail to confirm their breakup, the latter replied saying, "It is fact free and half truth". Some reports also claimed that Sunaina now agreed to listen to her parents as Rakesh Roshan has not been keeping good health.