The entire nation was left heart-broken after Sussanne Roshan and Hrithik Roshan came out about their separation. After a decade of being madly-in-love, their decision of parting ways had left us all losing faith in the institution of marriage. However, fans are now seeing a glimmer of hope of the two getting married again, ever since Sussanne shifted back to Hrithik Roshan's house.

Sussanne has moved back to Hrithik's house to care of their two kids collectively. Amid the hopes of the two re-igniting their love affair, let's take a look at how Hrithik proposed to her.

Hrithik Roshan ex-wife Sussanne Khan
Hrithik Roshan ex-wife Sussanne KhanInstagram

The proposal

Sussanne had revealed on Koffee with Karan that Hrithik had proposed to her in a very different way before actually proposing her for marriage. Sussanne had revealed that the two had gone out for coffee at a famous café one evening while they were close friends. So while she was having her coffee, towards the end of the coffee she found something clink in her glass. When she looked, she saw a ring in it. She took it out only to see that it was an eternity band. She added that it was more like a promise ring and Hrithik asked her if she would be with him forever. Bowled over by the gesture, Sussanne said that it was so cute, she immediately said 'yes'.

Two different religions

Talking about following different religions and raising their kids with the best of these religions, Sussanne had said, "You marry into another religion but, what you have been born and brought up with, you have to respect that. You have to let your kids have the best of both worlds. So you kind of imbibe in them the goodness of both religions. Get the best of both the religions into them as it would be a good combination. Both religions are very beautiful and strong religions. Hrithik is also totally like this. He is also not strong and staunch when it comes to this."

Hrithik and Sussanne are definitely making the most of this quarantine period and we hope this turns out to be another milestone period for them to come back together, forever!