hrithik roshan and kangana ranaut
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It wouldn't be wrong to say that Kangana Ranaut had declared an open war with Hrithik Roshan ever since she ruffled his feathers by calling him a 'silly ex' in an interview in 2016. And till date the tension between Kangana and Hrithik hasn't died down as Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel keep digging up old graves to back their sensational claims every now and then. But Hrithik has its own ways of handling bullies.

Kangana had earlier locked horns with Hrithik by clashing Manikarnika release date with Super 30 and later with Mental Hai Kya (now Judgemental Hai Kya). When Hrithik had issued a statement about avoiding Super 30 clash with Judgemental Hai Kya, Kangana slammed Hrithik for putting out a sob story to gain public sympathy.

And now that Super 30 is just four days away from its release, Hrithik has finally broken his silence about the harassment he faced at the hands of Kangana while avoiding the film clash and dealing with her for the past few years.

"I have come to realise that bullies have to be treated with a certain amount of patience, and not be engaged with. It is upon the civil society and those who claim to be just and fair to see and observe if there is harassment. Also, being who I am, if I choose to confront as per laws, I become the aggressor. If I withdraw from a film-clash that I know has been pre designed, then I become a weakling penning a sob story. I have learned to not get affected by either," Hrithik Roshan was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

Hrithik's only complaint about facing constant provocation from Kangana "is with those supposedly 'enlightened' people who praise and often cheer this behaviour in the name of 'new' and 'refreshing audacity', without any desire to be rational or truthful."

"They are the enablers who have allowed this circus to continue for six years," he added.

Talking about the legal case that Hrithik and Kangana had slapped on each other's face back in 2016, the Super 30 actor said, "There is no legal case that I directly have with the lady (Kangana), and the reason I cannot have one is because apparently a guy cannot be stalked in India."