How to sideload WhatsApp   on any Apple iOS version without having to resort to jailbreaks
How to sideload WhatsApp on any Apple iOS version without having to resort to jailbreaksReuters

It is now possible to install the WhatsApp++, a turn-around version of popular IM WhatsApp, within any Apple iPhone running iOS 9 or above, without resorting to jailbreaking this device. WhatsApp++ introduces multiple advanced features such as increased emojis, strikethrough functionality within chat messages, changing profile pictures of contacts, hiding "read" status. Check out the guide below to install WhatsApp++ within your Apple iPhones without having to resort to jailbreaking:

How to install WhatsApp++ without resorting to jailbreaks:


Actual Process: Before proceeding with the actual installation, IBTimes India reminds its readers that it will not be held responsible for any damage to the device during/after installation and if any functionality fails to perform to the expected levels. This installation process also requires sound technical knowledge; users are advised to proceed at their own risk:

Step 1: Open and launch Xcode on your Apple Mac

Step 2: Unzip and install the ppsideloader package (refer pre-requisites). Check the unzipped folder; you will find an IPA file; replace this with the WhatsApp++ package (as explained in pre-requisites). Change the name of the WhatsApp++ package file to app.ipa. Then transfer this file to extracted folder.

Step 3: In the extracted folder, open ppsideloader.xcodeproj file.

Step 4: After Step 4, select xcode Preferences from the menu bar.

Step 5: After Step 4, you should find a new window opened, here, choose Accounts > "+" key > Add Apple ID. Then, key in your Apple Developer account credentials.

Step 6: Now, in Xcode window, choose ppsideloader from the left hand side panel. Here, change the display name and Bundle Identifier.

Step 7: Select the drop-down menu and input your Apple ID in the Team field. If an error is displayed, at this juncture, select Fix Issue key at the bottom.

Step 8: Connect your Apple iPhone to your Apple Mac and choose the handset from the list of options in Xcode. In the Deployment Target choose your iOS variant.

Step 9: Select the button that looks like the "Play" key, upon successful sideload of WhsatApp++, Xcode displays a message.

Step 10: Launch WhatsApp++ from within your iPhone. If the app fails to open, navigate to Settings > General > profile > Developer name; then select Trust option. This should ensure that WhatsApp++ runs within your Apple iPhone.

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