NASA is busy detecting near-Earth objects (NEOs) with the aim of predicting an Armageddon caused by a collision of Earth with a space rock.

asteroid collision

These surveys regarding NEOs were first conducted by NASA in 1998. The program was established in NASA's Science Mission Directorate under the Planetary Science Division as Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) in Washington.

NASA reports revealed that around 13,500 NEOs have been discovered since the survey was commenced and around 1,500 more objects are discovered every year. This survey is conducted by astronomers with the help of NASA's ground-based telescopes and the NEOWISE infrared telescope. The orbit of the discovered NEOs is monitored by the Center for NEO Studies (CNEOS). The tracking data is maintained in a global database by the Minor Planet Center for future references.

The PDCO has the authority to publish warnings regarding asteroids closely passing by Earth and asteroids having chances of collision. A warning regarding the same was issues way back in 2008 when a NEO which was a few metres in size was spotted and it was predicted that the object would have a collision with Earth in the middle of Sudan desert the next day. This information was sent to George W Bush at the White House, who was the US President at that time.

The occurrence of the Armageddon can't be confirmed by NASA under the prevailing conditions. People can only make strategies to survive such asteroid collisions or make strategies to save themselves from such a situation.

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