Mahesh Babu's father, superstar Krishna was the first choice for K Raghavendra Rao's Kaliyuga Pandavulu. But Venkatesh made his acting debut after Krishna walked out of it due to some reason.

Venkatesh has played a variety of roles in his illustrious career of three and half decades. He has created a niche for himself with his remarkable comedy timing and performance in the emotional scenes. He is the most loved Telugu actor by the family audience with zero negativity and haters.

Mahesh Babu with his father Krishna
Mahesh Babu with his father KrishnaFacebook

Everyone knows that Venkatesh made his acting debut with Kaliyuga Pandavulu, but very few know that he was not the first choice for it. Producer D Ramanaidu and director K Raghavendra Rao initially wanted to do this movie with superstar Krishna. In an interview, producer Suresh Babu spilled the beans on what made Venky to replace Mahesh Babu's father.

 "We were supposed to make a film with Krishna garu, but he wanted us to produce it jointly with ASR Anjaneyulu garu. My father and director Raghavendra Rao did not agree to this, and decided to introduce Venky and the rest is history," Suresh Babu told in an interview to The Asian Age.

Kaliyuga Pandavulu
Kaliyuga PandavuluCollage of photos taken from social media

Kaliyuga Pandavulu revolved around the story of a multimillionaire Vijay's son, who has a lot of arrogance and pride. But his lifestyle changes, when a middle-class girl saves his life. He falls in love with her and forms a group to fight when his father is against their marriage. Victory Venkatesh played the hero and Khushboo was seen as the middle-class girl, who is in love with him.

Kaliyuga Pandavulu was hit at the box office and it gave the much needed break to Venkatesh. Later, it was also remade in Kannada as Poli Huduga in 1989. Krishna missed a big missed opportunity due to his demand and it he had starred in it, the film would have been even bigger success at the ticket counters.