Simbu and Harshika Poonacha might have not been good friends, but their meeting once had hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A lip-lock picture of a couple had leaked online and the actors were in the receiving end as the rumour mills claimed they were the ones involved in the passionate kiss in the snap.

Simbu-Harshika Poonacha's leaked lip-lock Photo
Simbu-Harshika Poonacha's leaked lip-lock Photo.PR Handout

The picture had hit the internet in the backdrop of the SIIMA event which held in Malaysia in 2014. Both the actors had met at awards ceremony and she had shared her fan moment. Unfortunately, this snap made the situation worse as the people started connecting the dots once the kiss photo surfaced online.

Harshika Poonacha's Clarification
The two unidentified people had close resemblances to Silambarasan and Harshika. Later, Simbu had denied it, but Harshika Poonacha was more vocal about the issue as it was something that she had never expected and her reputation was at stake.

The Kannada actress had posted, "Have been continuously ignoring the stupid comments on the alleged SIIMA kissing video, but it doesn't seem to stop. I hereby want to inform you all that it's not me in that alleged Superstar Simbu & Harshika Poonacha video."

Harshika Poonacha Hot in Bikini
A collage of Harshika Poonacha in bikini.Harshika Poonacha Twitter Account

She had further tweeted, "Some jobless people hav morphed it along with a pic containing me & Simbu. I did watch the video a few days ago & realised it was morphed. Simbu @iam_str would not get down to that level.So these jobless people tryin to create cheap publicity please do somethin constructive!"

Harshika Poonacha had concluded, "My family ,fans & wellwishers know that I could never be involved in such stupid stuff! So wat would I be even bothered about! Thanks to all those who called , msgd and supported me when that video went viral. Thanks again!"

After that incident, they were never seen together.