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Okay, so finding out that your ex is moving in with his new girlfriend will be tough for anyone. So when Kourtney Kardashian, learned that her ex, Scott Disick, and Sofia Richie moved in together, it was reportedly a tough pill for her to swallow. "Kourtney was initially apprehensive about the idea of Scott and Sofia moving in together at first," a source close to Kourtney tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. "With her being so much younger, and spending more time around the kids, Kourtney wasn't sure how it was going to work."

"Now that Kourtney has been able to bond with Sofia and spend quality time with her, she sees with her own eyes that Sofia has been a really good influence on Scott," the source revealed. It is being reported that the couple and Kourt have been spotted on multiple outings together since last November. "Kourtney has a very different outlook on their relationship than she used to. She feels that Sofia is very mature for her age, and has helped ground Scott on so many levels."

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Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are reportedly very much in love.Romain Maurice/Getty Images

It is also being reported that although Scott and Sofia began dating in the summer of 2017, it wasn't until the summer of 2018 that Kourtney realized things were serious between the two. "Scott and Kourtney discussed his plans on living with Sofia before they made it official," another source said. "Scott could tell Kourtney was a bit jealous at the time, but more so concerned of the fact that their kids would be sleeping there while Sofia lived there, too," the insider continued. "She wanted to make sure they were in good hands."

It is good to see a healthy relationship blossoming between the trio. Kourtney and Scott have had long relationship and they will each have a place in each other's lives. It is good to see that Kourtney is making an allowance for Sofia to be a part of that life too.