Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes photos
Jamie Foxx and Katie HolmesGetty Images

Katie Holmes is having an amazing time with her new boyfriend Jamie Foxx. Suri Cruise's mother who was once in a high-profile marriage with Tom Cruise has made her relationship with Jamie Foxx more public and now fans are hoping to hear the wedding bells ring in the years to come.

After ending her marriage with the Top Gun: Maverick movie star, Katie Holmes stayed single for a long time. There were alleged reports that due to her divorce contract with Tom, she is not allowed to publicly date anyone. However, Katie and her beau Jamie Foxx have taken their relationship to the next level ever since they first seen together back in 2013.

Most recently, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted enjoying some romantic time with each other on a yacht in Miami, Florida. The new couple was also spotted to enjoying a Jet Ski ride the following day. So, why has their alleged affair become interesting for their followers and why are they getting stronger with every passing day? Well, as per the latest report by People, both Katie and Jamie make the most of their time together, which works in their favour.

"They chilled, swam and enjoyed the sun and beach activities," a source. "It was a chance to get away and enjoy each other."

After spending romantic time on a yacht, the Django Unchained movie star then spent New Year's Eve with his daughter Annalise and Corinne; while Tom Cruise's ex-wife Katie Holmes welcomed the new year by skiing with her 12-year-old daughter Suri Cruise.


Katie and Jamie see each other as frequently as they can," the insider says. "They have known each other for years, and both turned out to be great parents, so they also have that in common. They are dedicated to their careers. Plus they give each other space."

Meanwhile, there were several reports suggesting Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx will get married in an intimate ceremony in France and will move in together to a bigger place. However, such reports were dismissed by their reps and as of now, both the stars are simply enjoying their courtship and there is no update as to when they will make their relationship official.