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Tom Cruise's ex-wife Katie Holmes is reportedly getting serious for her new beau Jamie Foxx despite knowing that he is not that committed for this ongoing relationship. As per latest reports, Suri Cruise's mother is now reportedly infatuated with her boyfriend Jamie Foxx.

After ending her marriage with the famous Scientologist Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes decided to stay single for a long time. Her name was reportedly linked with several of her co-stars but finally, she and Jamie Foxx allegedly confirmed their relationship.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx reportedly began dating in 2013 but the couple went to great lengths to keep their affair a secret. These days, Katie is reportedly getting extremely serious for Jamie, some may refer to it as her infatuation towards Django Unchained movie star.

A source revealed to Us Weekly that Katie Holmes doesn't care that boyfriend Jamie Foxx is not looking to settle down with her anytime soon.

"She's infatuated with him. It's what Katie signed up for."

Just around Christmas 2018, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx took a short vacation in Miami. Their PDAs proved that the couple is reportedly getting serious for each other. But after Katie left to meet her daughter, Foxx was spotted with another actress Cara Santana and model Olivia Culpo.

"Jamie does care for her, but his recent behavior makes people question that," the alleged insider adds.

As of now, the above claims are not confirmed by Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's reps.

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Prior to these claims, there were reports that Katie Holmes simply cannot quit Jamie Foxx, despite his humiliating her with other women. An alleged insider revealed in the past that everyone close to Katie wishes her to be happy but she won't let go of Jamie.

"No one understands why Katie loves a man who can't seem to commit or why he's publicly humiliating her like this."

Furthermore, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have sparked engagement rumors and there were also reports that they will tie knots sooner than expected. However, it looks like both the acclaimed stars are not trying to rush into anything and are reportedly enjoying their courtship.