"How to Get Away with Murder" has gone on a mid-season break after a spectacular Season 2 Episode 9 wherein some shocking events took place. In forcing Keating 5 to do things they were clearly not ready for, Annalise (Voila Davis) nearly dug her own grave; literally.

In "What Did We Do?" we saw Annalise trying to frame the murder of Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns) on Catherine (Amy Okuda) so as to protect Asher (Matt McGorry) – who actually murdered Sinclair. While Bonnie (Liza Weil) carried the late attorney's body to the terrace and threw it down, Annalise tried to convince the rest of her protégées to shoot her in the leg, so the crime scene looks believable.

However, none of them wanted to do it, even though she tried hard to provoke them. In the end she had to tell Wess (Alfred Enoch) that his ex-girlfriend Rebecca (Katie Findlay) has been dead for a while now and she had been hiding it from him. The plan worked a little too well and Wess shoots his mentor in the gut.

Fighting for her life, Annalise repeats the name "Christoph" leading us to the conclusion that she knows him more personally than he or viewers knew. In a flashback scene a boy named Christoph is being questioned by the police about his mother's suicide, as a young Annalise and Eve (Famke Okuda) watch from outside the interrogation room. In the present, Wes shoots his mentor in the gut on hearing her call him "Christoph".

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Annalise is seen being rushed into a hospital in the winter finale and rest assured, she will not die of the gunshot. However, things are going to get a lot more awkward and serious in the Keating residence/office.

It is also going to be even more difficult for Connor (Jack Falahee) to keep the crimes he has committed hidden from boyfriend Oliver (Conrad Ricamora). Connor has almost told the truth twice – once after the murder of Sam (Tom Verica) in Season 1 and the second time after he thought Asher knew about the murder of Sam.

However, he refrained on learning that his friends and he were safe, thanks to Annalise. Oliver, nonetheless, has gotten a lot more curious about what Connor does for Annalise in the last couples of episodes, even making a list of the horrible things – including terrorism and pedophilia – that his boyfriend could have committed.

He has also gotten a lot more involved with Annalise recently, even helping them spy on the illegitimate Hapstall child Philip (Jefferson White), who is a suspect in the murder of the Hapstalls. The recent events may finally allow him to figure out the truth about Connor's wrongdoings, including his part in the murder of Sam and Sinclair.

The show will return to ABC after the winter break on Thursday, 11 February, but ahead of that do not forget to check back here for regular updates on spoilers and fan theories.