2015 has definitely been a golden year for television. Along with the intricate storylines and brilliant acting, we also got to see the evolution of the male beauty on television in the last couple of years.

It rings especially true for 2015, with its crime-fighting, zombie-fighting and apocalypse-stopping heroes matching muscles with the alluringly sexy and blood-thirsty vampires. Even the bodies of men with "regular jobs" are rippling with muscles on TV, and while machismo is not a necessity for the leading men anymore, metrosexual and effeminate heroes also came to the forefront in 2015, and we are not complaining the least bit.

We appreciate the talent and good looks of all the actors brought to the TV screens this year, but here are some of the heroes that stood out:

Oliver Queen in "Arrow"

Stephen Amell not only brilliantly plays the part of Green Arrow in the CW show, he also looks the part. Much like Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), we are also unable to restrain ourselves when we see Oliver training in the Arrow headquarters. Then again, every single man on "Arrow" is beautiful, be it David Ramsey aka Diggle, Brandon Routh aka ATOM, Colton Haynes aka Arsenal, John Barrowman aka Merlyn or Paul Blackthorne aka Captain Lance.

Connor Walsh in "How to Get Away with Murder"

Jack Falahee's Connor is the embodiment of the phrase "Confidence is sexy" and to top it, he does ooze sexiness. We have seen him evolve from the cocky Casanova to a cocky lawyer who is head over heels in love with Oliver (Conrad Wayne Ricamora). Like other shows residing in Shondaland, "How to Get Away with Murder" also doesn't shy away from sex and sexuality, meaning we get to see the sexy side of all the men of the show including Jack Falahee.

Taylor Kinney in "Chicago Fire"

Taylor Kinney has been a sex symbol for a while now; put next to a fire and we get a hotter version of the man. Kelly Severide is the star of many women's dreams and his reputation as the ladies man in the show only propels this idea.

Colin O'Donoghue in "Once Upon a Time"

Captain Killian Jones' eyeliner may have made him the butt of many jokes in Storybrooke, but if anything, it only adds to his hotness. He merely started as an antagonist in Mr Gold's story, but is now a main cast member of "Once Upon a Time" and meanwhile, has managed to make his mark as one of the most sexiest men on TV.

Jake McLaughlin in "Quantico"

The ex-marine-turned-FBI agent Ryan Booth is that irresistible combination of sweet and sexy. In himself, Ryan is a sexy guy, but put him in a shower next to Priyanka Chopra or Anabelle Acosta and he becomes the poster boy for many sexual fantasies. 

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