"How to Get Away with Murder" has gone on a mid-season break after Season 2 episode 9, where the Keating 5 get associated with yet another murder. The ABC show will return with episode 10 on Thursday, 11 February, 2016.

It is understood that the show will pick up from two weeks after the day Annalise (Viola Davis) was shot in cold blood by Wes (Alfred Enoch). In a desperate attempt to protect Asher (Matt McGorry) after he murdered Sinclair (Sarah Burns), Annalise asks Bonnie (Liza Weil) and Asher to throw her body from the rooftop.

Further, she asked her students to shoot her in the leg, so that she can make it look like Catherine (Amy Okuda) shot her, and ran away. When each of them refused, she tried to provoke them, but when everyone else refused, she told Wes that Rebecca (Katie Findlay) was dead and she had been hiding this fact from him for a long time.

However, Annalise's plan did not work out, and Wes ended up shooting her in the gut instead of her leg. In the nick of time, she was taken to a hospital and it was fairly safe to assume that she would survive. What remains unknown is the fate of the relationship between Keating 5 and Annalise.

At best, it is going to be awkward, especially between Wes and Annalise, considering he shot her almost fatally. Annalise has always had a soft spot for Wes and while most of his peers thought it was his "lost puppy" demeanour that caused their no-nonsense boss to be attentive to him, the real reason was teased in the fall finale episode.

In a flashback scene from "What Did We Do?", we see a 12-year-old boy named Christophe being questioned by a detective as a young Annalise and Eve (Famke Janssen) look from outside. Just before the camera zooms in on Annalise, Eve asks her, "Good God, Annalise, what did we do?"

We know that Wes is the same boy because after she was shot. Annalise repeats "Christophe" over and over again. We also know a dangerous secret that Eve mentioned during one of her secret meetings with Annalise in the first half of season 2.

Did Annalise and Eve kill Wes' mother and orchestrate a fake suicide story, much like she is doing to Cinclair? We will only know for sure when Season 2B of "How to Get Away With Murder" returns with Episode 10 on 11 February, 2016. Until then, we will be posting regular updates on cast news, spoilers and fan theories. Do not forget to check back here for the same.