Apple iPhone 7 catches fire
[Representational Image] Does your Apple device have Intel or Qualcomm modem? Here’s how to find out. In Picture:Apple iPhone 7Reuters

Last year, we witnessed the iPhone 6S series chipgate fiasco. Now in 2016, Apple has landed in another controversy with regard to the use of modems in iPhone 7 series.

In 2015, Apple, in a bid to speed up the production of the iPhone 6S series, sourced A9 CPU units from TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) and Samsung. But soon after the launch, it came to light that the devices having processor chips from TSMC gave 2-3 hours more battery life than the one manufactured by the South Korean partner, resulting in public outcry.

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This time, the controversy is related to the LTE speed. Popular consumer technology site Cellular Insights conducted benchmark tests on LTE connectivity on the iPhone 7 series, revealing that Apple had used two modems, one made by Intel and another by Qualcomm in the new handsets, depending on the type of network carrier (for locked phones) and region of sale.

What has startled many is that the iPhone 7 series with Qualcomm modems outperformed Intel modems by 30 percent in overall performance in terms of network connectivity.

People who have already bought the new iPhone 7 series with Intel modem cannot be helped as there is no workaround to increase network connectivity speed unless they exchange or buy a new one with Qualcomm modem.

Here's how to identify the iPhone 7 series with Intel modem:

Apple fans who are planning to buy the new iPhone 7 series can check whether the device has Qualcomm or Intel modem inside, based on the model ID printed at the back of the device or the pack.

  • Apple iPhone 7 series with Model ID: A1660 and the 7 Plus with Model ID: A1661 come with Qualcomm modem.
  • Apple iPhone 7 series with Model ID Model A1778 and the 7 Plus with Model ID: A1784 feature Intel modem.

Users can also look inside the iPhone 7 series to find the model ID, by going to the Settings options>> General >> About >> scroll down and tap on Legal >> Regulatory >> model number:

In the United States:
Those planning to buy the new Apple iPhone 7 series via carrier networks with contracts should keep in mind that Verizon and Sprint sell the Qualcomm-based iPhone, while AT&T and T-Mobile sell Intel-based handset.

As far as unlocked iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus units are concerned, they come with Qualcomm modem. This applies to all regions of the world, including India.