How to hatch eggs, earn medals without walking in Pokemon Go
How to hatch eggs, earn medals without walking in Pokemon GoIBTimes India/Sami Khan

After taking the gaming world by storm earlier this month, Nintendo's Pokemon Go has been spread to a few other regions. The popular game is currently available for download in select markets, but several countries, including India, China, Japan and South Korea, are yet to get it.

Pokemon Go was released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand on July 6 before it was spread to the UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Canada. It is expected to be released in Japan on July 21 and then to other regions. The company is planning to eventually make the game available in about 200 countries.

How to download Pokemon Go

- Game lovers could have installed APK file (though it is unofficial application software with possible threat of malware) to play the game before it is officially released in their respective countries. In such cases, users need to delete the Pokemon Go app (APK file version) and download the official version from the right app store.

- Download the game again and log in using Google or Pokemon Trainer Club account to ensure that all your data is stored.

- Reinstall from the stores of your respective countries to get automatic updates.

- Make sure that you set your region right by going to Settings -> General -> Language and Region

The craze for Pokemon Go is so much that its server has crashed a couple of times since its release. So, it appears that serious issue will crop up when it is released in countries like Japan, South Korea, China and India, which are among the world's biggest gaming markets. 

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game compatible only to Android and iOS devices. It is a free game (in-app purchases required for enhancements) that lets players catch Pokemon in real life environment, but it can be dangerous if players concentrate too much on the game without giving much attention to their surroundings.