Sudeep's Vikranth Rona Illuminates Burj Khalifa in DubaiIBTimes IN
Sudeep's Vikranth Rona Illuminates Burj Khalifa in DubaiIBTimes IN

Kotigobba 3 starring Sandalwood superstar Kichcha Sudeep has been one of the most anticipated movies down south, and it's theatrical release was set for October 14. However, in what came as a surprise and shock to millions of fans in Karnataka, Kotigobba 3's release was postponed by a day. And the last-minute announcement stirred up uncontrollable violence.

Kotigobba 3 release delay

Kichcha Sudeep's 'Kotigobba 3' release was postponed to Friday due to technical reasons. The actor has apologised to fans, who had started gathering in huge numbers in theatres across the Karnataka, and appealed to them to maintain calm and not cause any damage to the cinemas.

Sudeep's Kotigobba 3 Poster
Here is a poster from Sudeep's Kotigobba 3.PR Handout

'Kotigobba 3' producer Soorappa Babu alleged on Thursday that the film's release has been delayed by a day because of "a conspiracy within the film industry". He has appealed to Sudeep's fans to support the film.

Violence going out of hand in K'taka

Several fans in the Kannada-speaking state resorted to violence upon learning about Kotigobba 3's release delay. In Vijaypura, many fans started stone-pelting, which went out of hand and fans even reportedly broke the front gate of Dreamland Theatre as they were unable to purchase tickets for the movie.

Sudeep appeals to fans

Kichcha Sudeep took to social media to appeal to his fans to calm down.

A picture of Sudeep in Kotigobba 3.PR Handout

"It is my duty to inform all those at the theatres already that there is a delay in shows due to certain issues. I personally apologize for this negligence," the actor tweeted.

"I request all not to react badly at the theatres as they have nothing to do with this," Sudeep continued. "This is a rare situation and I am sure that patience from all will be my greatest strength. I too was equally excited to bring forth a film on screen after such a long gap," he added.

"Will tweet soon on the show timings once I have better clarity. Until then I request (you) not to any cause any harm to yourself and damage to any property and theatres. I feel it's my personal duty towards all my friends who have loved and believed in me. I promise you all that I will ensure my films will not see such a chaotic release in the future," the superstar said.

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