House Of Cards
House Of Cards season 6 might feature Frank Underwood behind bars.Facebook/House Of Cards

Cast member Boris McGiver seems to have accidentally spilled the details on the fate of Frank Underwood in House Of Cards season 6.

The 55-year-old actor said his character Tom Hammerschmidt is hoping to see the former president behind bars in the last and Kevin Spacey-free season of the Netflix series.

According to the Killing Kennedy star, the editor-in-chief of The Washington Herald wants to see Frank and his wife Claire in the final season paying for all their evil deeds.

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"I think we would all love them to pay a just due for their crime. But there's presidential pardons and a bunch of ways to get around that," the actor said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

"The hope is certainly, in Tom's mind, that I take them down and [Frank] pays for it and he goes to jail," the cast member added.

It remains to be seen if the creative team behind the Netflix series will feature Frank behind bars or feature his demise in the sixth season.

"I'm going to leave that up to the writers. It would send a great message because this show hits some deep chords with people across all spectrums, including the political spectrum," McGiver said.

In a similar vein, Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer of Netflix, also said fans can expect to watch some sort of "closure to the story" in the sixth season.

Meanwhile, McGiver revealed Tom has no plans to give up on the Underwoods even if Frank meets his demise in the upcoming season.

"I hope that I get to bring the Underwoods to justice. Even if they are ultimately going to get pardoned anyway, which happens to most presidents. Even if it came down to them being publicly accused of their crimes and arrested. With Stamper being under house arrest for what he is being accused of, that is crazy! It would be nice if I were able to make it happen," he said.

The actor also said Claire's presidency would not be very different from Frank's one. "Just a female Frank presidency, honestly. It would be prettier and she'd have prettier words to say, but it'd be the same stuff," he said.

However, House Of Cards executive producer Frank Pugliese believes Claire will not follow in the footsteps of her husband in the upcoming season.

"I don't think she's going to do it the way Frank did it. How she does it could be really exciting. Claire's needs from the audience are unique to her. We want Francis and Claire to be equal but different," he said.

The popular political drama series is yet to resume production of its sixth and last season. So, the final episodes of the show will properly get scheduled during the fall. The fans will have wait for an official announcement from Netflix to know more about it.