House of Cards
House Of Cards will be back with Kevin Spacey free season in 2018.Facebook/House of Cards

House Of Cards season 6 will probably explain the demise of Frank Underwood. Speculations are already rife about the death of Kevin Spacey's character.

While a section of fans believe that the former president will be killed by someone, some of the viewers are hoping to see the character committing suicide after he gets exposed.

If fan theories are to be believed, Frank will be killed by the newly-elected president Claire Underwood, editor-in-chief of The Washington Herald Tom Hammerschmidt or Zoe Barnes' father.

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Check out some of the interesting fan theories on Frank's death in House Of Cards season 6.

I hope he gets exposed. That way at least we get some kind of closure.

They can make something like "he was in an accident and he is in coma" or something like that, with Claire visiting him at the hospital without seeing his face and then at the end of the episode we found out she poisoned him when he confronted her about not giving him a pardon.

I hope Zoe's dad or Tom Hammerschmidt is the assassin.

Zoe's dad would actually fit in thematically. I mean it was heavily hinted that he was a heavy alcoholic after her death. Tom seems way less likely, but would still be interesting, I guess.

I think Tom makes more sense. His entire story arc has been trying to pin Frank down and get justice for Zoe, even if he does not admit that. It would make sense for him to get enough on Frank to get him deposed, but not quite enough to get him put away. So Tom takes justice into his own hands and kills Frank. But it's on Frank's terms and he wanted it to happen to leave him with more than just a footnote in the history books.