gurugram attack

A Muslim family in Gurugram were subjected to stone pelting by attackers who also resorted to extreme violence and hit the family members with iron rods water pipes, wooden and hockey sticks.

The unfortunate incident happened on Thursday, March 21, during the Holi celebrations in Bhondsi, Gurugram when a mob of over 40 men descended on the unsuspecting family. Many in the neighbourhood claim that the attack was preplanned while the police have said that the fight was over a cricket game.

While reports say that a mob of more than 40 were part of the attack, only six goons have been arrested, reports News18.

"We have registered a case of attempt to murder and other relevant sections against the attackers at Bhondsi Police station. We have arrested six goons and efforts are on to identify others with the help of the video," ACP Shamsher Singh was quoted as saying by News18.

A horrifying video making its rounds on social media shows the goons with wooden sticks and iron rods hitting two men while a woman, who is part of the family, is trying to protect the men. One of the men is seen bleeding profusely and seems to be unconscious. However, the angry mob, who are covered with Holi colours continue hitting him. Another man, seen bleeding from his head, is making an attempt to stand up but is not able to.

The men at the beginning of the video go back and bring more people who continue the aggravated assault.

According to News18, a few attackers, who were drunk at the time, had told one of the victims, Shahid, that his family cannot play cricket outside on his street outside his house. However, when they continued to play, the men brought in a mob and beat up Shahid and his family members. The police said that the incident occurred at 5 pm on Thursday.

When the victims saw the attackers coming to their house, they immediately went inside. However, the mob managed to enter and assault the family. The family said that the police came only 40 minutes after the incident even though they kept calling and asking for help and protection. By the time the police came, the mob escaped.