Girl mixed poison in classmate's water bottle
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In a shocking case of honor killing from India, a man allegedly shoved poison down his daughter's throat after he found out she was in love with a man outside their caste.

The man then reportedly watched his daughter die, and then burnt her body in a field the following day with the help of his wife and brother-in-law.

The honor killing is said to have taken place on February 20 in a village named Gollanabeedu in the South Indian state of Karnataka, reports said.

The deceased has been identified as 20-year-old Sushma, the eldest of three daughters of Kumar Gowda and his wife Jayanthi. Gowda has been arrested, and the police are looking for the others accused in the case.

Sushma was said to be having an affair with a man from a different caste, something her parents vehemently opposed. She was forced to discontinue her college education and was shifted to a relative's place as a result, according to reports.

Sushma's parents, uncle and brother Kempanna then reportedly tried to persuade her to marry a guy of their family's choice, but she refused. This angered her family.

"Involving her in a conversation, the girl's mother is said to have offered her orange juice laced with a toxic liquid. Sushma took a few sips and stopped, saying the juice tasted strong. Seeing their ruse had failed, Kumar, Jayanthi and Kempanna held her nostrils and forced the juice down her throat,"  a police official was quoted as saying by the Times of India. 

The police were tipped off about the incident by villagers after news spread that the girl had become a victim of honor killing.

The father reportedly showed no remorse and admitted to the crime and said it was just a punishment for Sushma because she loved a man outside her caste and was hell-bent on marrying him.