Carrie Mathison might put an end to her friendship with Elizabeth Keane in Homeland season 7.Twitter/Homeland

Homeland season 7 will premiere on February 11, 2018, and it will feature an "interesting clash of forces", according to showrunner Alex Gansa.

The executive producer said the Keane administration is out of control. The formal CIA officer Carrie Mathison will have to work hard for correcting each member of the administration.

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Here's how Gansa described the plot:

There's a degree of paranoia inside the Oval Office. There's also a great degree of truth about the forces they're facing and the national security establishment that is committed to politics that run counter to the administration. It's an interesting clash of forces. We spent a lot of time in D.C. talking about what that looks like and we heard a lot from all sides.

Meanwhile, an interesting fan theory by a reddit user suggests a new love interest for President Keane in the upcoming season of Showtimes's popular political drama series.

Check out the fan theory below:

It's pretty obvious that Carrie, as Carrie does, is taking on a huge investigation in secret. She appears to be using her own skills and resources to investigate the Keane administration about "some of the most expansive civil rights abuses in the history of our nation."

It also appears that Keane, or her Chief of Staff, gets wind of Carrie's investigating somehow and allows Saul out of prison and promotes him to National Security Advisor. I'm sure this is to throw Carrie off by making her allies in the Government wary of working with her as Saul now has such a senior position.

I feel as if President Keane and her Chief of Staff are having an affair of sorts. I think this because he blatantly calls her Elizabeth, which she refers "Madame President. In this room, it's Madame President." What other room, other than the bedroom, would you refer to the President by their first name if you were their Chief of Staff? I could be totally off the mark here but when I watched that segment for the first time it's what I immediately thought of.