Homeland season 7 will premiere on February 11.Facebook/Homeland

Homeland season 7 will premiere on February 11 and the fans can look forward to seeing some real-life incidents in the show, according to creator Alex Gansa.

The showrunner said many of the incidents that will be featured in the upcoming season will have "relevance" to the real world, as the show will be "telling a bit of a parallel story".

Explaining further, Gansa said, "A lot of the issues we bring up this season hopefully have some relevance to the real world. But we're fiction and the story we're telling is contained within our own narrative."

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The creator also said that they are not trying to be "prescient or comment too directly on what's happening in the world". It is mainly because many of the "stuff that's going on is quite scary".

"The president and her chief of staff, what they're up to, and Carrie's attempts to get to the bottom of what they're up to are really the narrative engine that takes us through the season," Gansa added.

While interacting with the representative of Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner also dished the difference between Trump administration and Keene administration.

"Trump is a conservative administration, Keene is more liberal administration, but a lot of the issues are the same. There's a degree of paranoia inside the Oval Office. There's also a great degree of truth about the forces they're facing and the national security establishment that is committed to politics that run counter to the administration. It's an interesting clash of forces," Gansa continued.

"Obviously the Trump administration is a little embattled and a little isolated and facing their own difficulties with the national security establishment and what they call 'the deep state.' Our administration, the Keene administration, is facing much the same issues but from the reverse," the creator added.