Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) project is one of the most ambitious missions of NASA, and through this program, the United States space agency aims to study the internal structure and outer atmosphere of the sun. Now, Scott C Waring, a prominent alien hunter has sensationally claimed that the SOHO has made its most crucial discovery till date. Waring, who is now based in Taiwan revealed that SOHO has captured the footage of a gigantic UFO exiting the sun.

In the picture shared by Scott C Waring on his website ET Data Base, a saucer-shaped flying object can be seen on the star's left side. Interestingly, the unexpected anomaly in the footage appears only for a fraction of a second, and Waring has slowed down the entire clip to disclose the bizarre UFO that appeared near to the sun.

In his recent web post, Waring argued that the mysterious UFO is basically an advanced alien spaceship, and its size is more than that of Jupiter.

"I found this angelic UFO exiting our sun this week. The UFO came out right after a giant explosion happened. The UFO itself is huge compared to our sun. The angelic UFO is close to the size of Jupiter. This has to be one of the largest UFOs ever recorded exiting our sun. It moves really fast because just a few minutes later, the photo of the same area shows it no longer there. Nothing that big could move that fast unless it has the ability to travel at light speed. That's my friends, is an alien craft," wrote Waring on his website.

Several conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that the sun is a hollow star, and aliens are using this gigantic cosmic entity to harvest energy. As the new finding made by Waring has now gone viral, conspiracy theorists believe that their speculations were right, and they claim that space agencies like NASA are intentionally have covered up several sinister details in the past.

After watching the video uploaded to YouTube by Waring, many viewers also shared their thoughts regarding this bizarre sighting.

"Great find Scott. Is the sun a portal or some sort of fuelling station for ufo's?" commented Thomas JM Mundt, a YouTube user.

"It looks to be a ship or craft!! I can never get a handle on the size of these things near our sun!! They are larger than our planet, does it have millions of people on it or is there a couple really large beings in there!! Disclosure is happening as there are segments on mainstream news now! ABOUT TIME!! Thanks, Scott for staying busy and sharing!! This is pretty obvious in this clip that we aren't alone! Thanks again," commented Curtis Hill, another YouTuber.