Colour changing car
Volkswagen car doesn't change colourYouTube Screenshot

A video has been doing the rounds in the past few weeks that claim that a car's colour can be changed with the help of a remote. However, the news is fake and there is no such car.

The viral video shows someone pressing the remote and changing the colour of a Volkswagen car. The footage shows the colour of the car changing multiple times. But it has been proved that it is just a visual effect technique.  

The video was first shared online in October this year. A similar news surfaced in 2015 and was readily debunked. reported, "However, although these particular "colour-changing car" videos may not be real, the phenomenon they display may be a somewhat plausible one."

While the video of changing the colour of the car using a remote is fake, there is a car that changes colour to suit its driver's mood.

BMW's new concept car called MiniVision Next 100 can change the colour according to driver's mood. With the new concept car, the company is hoping to combine environmental responsibility and futuristic technology.

The mini car is wrapped in a material that will allow it to change colour according to what the driver likes. The car will also be able to recognise users and change its settings to suit driver's preferences.

"The Mini of the future embodies a totally new form of shared mobility - sustainable, emotional and inspirational. The driving experience forms the centrepiece and is surrounded by other intelligent services," Andy Warming, Head of the Mini Design Studio, said.

"It then adapts the whole greeting process, the lighting etc. and all the car's pre-sets accordingly. The Mini will acquaint itself with the schedule for the day, the next few stop-offs on the route and the driver's preferences," BMW said.

"The Mini of the future no longer waits all day for its owner, but is always on the move as a mobility partner for a Mini community. [It] harnesses its intelligence to tailor the mobility experience to the differing needs of each and every customer."